UM SU-85 (СУ-85) part fit issues – to do with the pointy thing that goes “bang”

July 15, 2012

The instructions are straightforward enough:  . The gun should be able to be raised and lowered from horizontal. Hence why they advise not to glue the centre part.

There are two lower ridges that stop the gun being lowered too far. Fair enough, but on this kit, they are a problem. Here’s the ridge on one side of the ball mounting:  and here’s the other  – it’s that ridge immediately after the curve section, in the middle of each photo. When these two halves are joined together, you can see the ridges towards the bottom of the ball mounting:  – right there above my thumb. Oh, you can also see that the top part is misaligned! That’s been the same on all five kits. It needs trimming.

Now, the problem with those two ridges is that they prevent the gun bracket being glued onto that moving part – all the parts just can’t fit, nor do they permit any movement of the gun! So, the instructions are basically wrong in regards to intent at this stage. To get the gun to fit into place at all, let alone at a horizontal or other angle, those two ridges have to go

So, trim those ridges off before letting any glue get near this part of the kit – I simply removed them using a scalpel, like so:  ; now, the ball mounting halves (with the moving bit in the middle which you glue the gun and gun shield to) can actually be glued together. Now you’re getting somewhere:  – just remember that when the glue has properly set, you need to trim off that misaligned top part so it matches. You can glue the assembled ball mounting into place now:  and you need to use some extra glue because fit of the ball mounting into the hull is not great:  – why isn’t that ball mounting uniform at the rear???!!! You could putty that, but you might do better with a scalpel or by using some extra glue. i’m a wargamer, so, I have ignored it if the two halves looked OK.

The kit itself looks the part and has some great detail – but test-fittings sans glue really are necessary at some points, just to make sure you can actually get the kit to agree with its own assembly instructions.


6 Responses to “UM SU-85 (СУ-85) part fit issues – to do with the pointy thing that goes “bang””

  1. Kit Noob said

    Hmmm, interesting. Even the simple ‘quick build’ models – such as the Armourfast SU85 – cannot seem to make the gun mantlet of this AFV easy to build. I am following your posts on this model with interest as I would like to make a more detailed SU85. Good luck!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Really? That’s a shame. I wonder how PST would go with it…they are from the same part of the world and their kits were wonderful to build.
      At a swap-n-sell three years back a bloke was selling 4 Dragon Models Su-100’s, but I didn’t buy them as I had these SU-85’s sitting around. If I see that sort of thing again maybe I’ll go with it, just to see how Dragon Models handle WWII Soviet mantlets, as their kits are usually excellently engineered.

  2. Stuart said

    Thanks for sharing this; I will definitely be getting mine from Armourfast!

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’m trying not to buy quick-build, even though as a wargamer they are a logical choice. I enjoy assembling these ‘normal’ kits.
      Most of this kit has been fine, just as most of the Marder III (h) kit was fine. Dry-fitting/test-fitting is definitely recommended for UM, which is what others have also recommended.

  3. Paul said

    Its just one of those things I think mate. I woul still rather try and fix this than muck around with some of Airfix’s dodgy tracks!

    You will get there I am sure.

  4. Peter said

    So annoying, and having to do it four times is makes it even worse. Still, they’ll look great once done.

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