Sunday’s swap & sell

August 21, 2012

Mrs Funker kindly excused me from active duty on sunday so I could get along to the IPMS Swap & Sell held at Ashburton Primary School. I came home with very little:  – just two books, The Eastern Front by JN Westwood and Ju-87 Stuka in action. JN Westwood’s book had some photos, both in black & white and also in colour,that I hadn’t seen before, and for $5, was well worth it. “Stuka in action” is needed for my Revell Stuka kit that I want to start before Christmas.

There were no model kits I needed at the swap & sell…only model kits that could be somewhat useful in secondary roles, mostly for my Russians, and even then they were usually single support vehicles (eg. trucks) or the like. So, I held off.

It was nice to say hello to my friends, though, and show Trainee Funker’s photo to them.

The even was being held in a different venue to the previous two. It was quite suitable and spacious:     .

Here are some drool photos:     .

The next swap & sell is a modelling club one, over in Werribee, in November. For various reasons, I’ve not been able to attend it since I started this blog. Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to make it.

8 Responses to “Sunday’s swap & sell”

  1. Wow ! Lots of bargains there. Pity there’s nothing like that here 😦

    Thanks for sharing the photos, I’m green with envy ! (lol)

    Cheers, John

  2. DaveM said

    Thanks for posting these pics. I am finding these a lot harder to get to since moving away from Melbourne, but really looking forward to Werribee now – worth it just to see the Liberator !

    • Eastern Funker said

      No worries DaveM, the drool photos were originally requested by Ben from Ben’s Soldiers but have proved popular, so I try to take some each time now. I’m looking forward to the November event, because I was peeved that I didn’t get to go in 2011.

  3. arkiegamer said

    Man, I wish we had something like this event locally!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Maybe advertise in the local papers, form a club and hold one, or advertise in the local papers and have a sort of ‘car boot sale” informally in a parking lot?

  4. arkiegamer said

    All good ideas. I’ve slowly (ever so slowly) started to meet some local historical wargamers, but I’ve not yet tapped into the local scale modeler scene, assuming one exists.

    There is a local model railroad group. I wonder if there’s some crossover potential there.

    The car boot sale sounds very doable, though it brings to mind a group of shady guys in trench coats saying, “Pssst…Hey buddy. Wanna buy an Italeri PZIII? Cheap?”

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’d say there is, there is often a couple of bit ‘n bobs from model railroads at these events. Bu tthen, we also have model railway clubs here whom have their own swap & sells – some of which I’ve documented on this blog.

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