Бронеавтомобиль / Armoured Car company is completed – well done, Tankograd

September 22, 2012

I completed my Soviet Armoured Car Company, bringing it to the recommended strength of five vehicles thanks to finishing the final three earlier this week. The final three are a BA-I (БА-И), BA-6 (БА-6) and BA-10 (БА-10). You’ll recall the first two vehicles of this company, finished back in February, were a BA-9 (БА-9) and a BA-6M. Here’s the whole company:  and from the air:  .

Here are the three recently completed vehicles together:   .

Here’s the  BA-I (БА-И) by itself:  . Now the BA-10 (БА-10):  . Lastly the funky-looking BA-6 (БА-6), first from the side  and then three quarter profile:  …great idea, just to whack the tank turret from the T-26 onto the armoured car body…

I really like this camouflage (камуфляж) scheme, that I got from this link: “BA-6 from the Separate Recon Battalion /1st Tank Division/1st Mechcorps, The North-western Front, Krasnogvardeysk (Gatchina) region, August 1941″ – it’s lots of fun to paint.

If you look closely at those trees in the background, you might recognise some of them from this earlier post of mine.

So, in the space of a few months I’ve added two more companies to my Soviet forces. That’s enough for now, as they are not my primary army. It’d be good to pick up a couple of Airfix T-34s (as kits or assembled) so I could complete my company of T-34/76s, but I’ve not seen any at the swap & sells this year…funny, as there were plenty of them around in the previous few years.

Now, strictly speaking the rules state that all vehicles in a company must look the same so they cannot be confused as others. I’m going to argue that they all have the same basic body and will play all as the same type, even if they actually are different models that I have. A whole company for $50 as opposed to having to pay full price for the same UM kit new…$225 for a company?! Sorry. I’m on a budget,these trainees aren’t cheap to train.

I’ll reiterate what I said about rubber tyres from the SU-85 kits (those were UM kits; these BA’s are UM kits too and they have real rubber tyres) – great if you can do them perfectly, but I cannot and so I have to paint over them, sometimes numerous times…and the effort to get them onto the hubcabs is a nuisance too. I’m happy with plastic tyres.




13 Responses to “Бронеавтомобиль / Armoured Car company is completed – well done, Tankograd”

  1. Al said

    Very nice work, I like the scheme

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’t’s a good scheme, isn’t it? It would be easy just to do plain green…I feel that when I can see a documented Russian cammo pattern for WWII, I want to use it, just to break up the monotony.

  2. Ben B said

    Very good! its hard it was all the way back in February that you started these though! Great weathering and camo, most of the Trumpeter modern IFV kits have those real rubber tires as well, to weather them I put some white paint on and rub it off with a rag. Not perfect but it works; you got a lot of detail on with your method though, I’ll have to try it.

    • Eastern Funker said

      your method sounds pretty good…I only weathered my tyres through drybrushing, nothing else. Of course, I had to completely coat them in black first, to cover up the patches of green and khaki I slopped onto the original rubber by mistake…

  3. DaveM said

    The “rubber” tyres in those UM kits definitely seem like a daft idea. Not that it’s likely to affect me directly as I am far to lazy these days to put together a kit with as many as parts as theirs for wargaming… ;o)

    Cheers, Dave

    • Eastern Funker said

      The rubber is for the realists/proper modellers/rivet counters….

      • DaveM said

        Yes, agreed. Though I can’t imagine that once the model is painted and weathered they are going to look much different to plastic. I just hope there isn’t any long term interaction between wheel rims and tyres, such as most of us that have been modelling for a while belatedly found out about when unpainted plastic surfaces were left in contact over an extended period with some manufacturers’ vinyl tracks.

        Cheers, Dave

      • Eastern Funker said

        Yes, I’ve heard of that, so all plastic was undercoated first. Still, we’ll see…

  4. Thanos said

    Nicely painted mate.
    Good colour scheme selection.

  5. Stephen said

    Nice work. Look forward to seeing them appear on the battlefield and in a report in the not-too-distant-future.

  6. Peter said

    Great looking BAs. They’d look great on a snowy field. I have a white gaming cloth we could use.
    We’ll have to get another recon game going. Could even do a Soviet recon on a Germany infantry held village or something. I have a few BAs as well, and a platoon of actual cavalry.

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