From Ben B’s blog: how he does headswaps for 1/72 scale figures

October 5, 2012

I’ve always wondered about headswaps. Paul and Al do them and do them successfully. I’ve tried a couple of times and only got 1 in 10 to work, and the amount of effort seemed excessive.

Ben B from Ben’s Soldiers shows us how he does his. He makes it look so easy. Thanks Ben!


4 Responses to “From Ben B’s blog: how he does headswaps for 1/72 scale figures”

  1. Ben B. said

    Very welcome EF! I’m glad you found it helpful! Just remember that it only works when one or both parts are soft, if anyone has an idea for hard on hard please help me!

  2. DaveM said

    I’m in the same boat as you EF. I’ve tried this many times over the years and mine mostly turned out rubbish. However, I am puzzled by Ben B’s question about “hard on hard” – isn’t that the dream scenario where both surfaces can be filed flat to get square contact and any number of glues will be effective without even the need for a pin?

    Cheers, Dave

    • Ben B. said

      I never have much luck with glue. Actually in most cases I can melt the two hards together, unless it is Caesar on another type of plastic, which are the majority of my conversions and thats why I use the pin method. So my only problem is hard on Caesar. I should have been more specific!

      • DaveM said

        Sorry Ben, I took “hard” to mean figures moulded from the same hard plastics as (most) model kits, which therefore take solvent adhesives like polystyrene cement.

        Lots of figure manufacturers now seem to be using harder plastics which are still “bendy” and don’t take many glues well, so I see the problem.

        Cheers, Dave

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