A parcel has arrived…

October 12, 2012

A parcel has arrived…bringing with it the usual glee knowing that something ‘hobby’ has arrived:  .

(I’m glad to see the sender has recycled the box. I myself do the same…we receive many parcel boxes at my place of work, in fantastic sizes for re-sending hobby-sized parcels, and so I always make use of them rather than let them go to be pulped).

It’s the Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs:  .

So I have two more boxes to add to the stash  . I should post new stash photos, as it’s grown and spread and sort-of mutated…




14 Responses to “A parcel has arrived…”

  1. Peter said

    I bought two boxes of those as well, and 3 boxes of the KV-1. KVs are ready for weathering, but have been for several weeks…

  2. Ben B said

    They fit in the box quite nicely, oh such a good feeling!
    I was wondering, in your opinion, are the PSC kits better than ArmorFast kits? They’re about the same price, per tank, here, and PSC has only come to be popular since I’ve temporarily left WW2 so I’ve never seen any in real life.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I have never bought Armorfast and don’t know anyone in my vicinity who uses them. When I want to know other people’s thoughts about kits I go to
      On the Way! Models and also to Henk of Holland. Then I might try Braille Scale Discussion Group. If none of them can tell me, then I Google for reviews from authoritative sources.

      • DaveM said

        @Ben. I don’t have any PSC yet but have quite high expectations of them. I have built some Italeri and Armourfast fastbuild kits and I would definitely rate Italeri well ahead of Armourfast.

        Those are all excellent resources that EF has pointed to but it is a bit hit and miss whether you will find exactly what you want to know as fastbuilds don’t always get a lot of attention on sites oriented more towards the display modellers.

        My advice with Armourfast would be to look at people’s blogs and even the gallery/forum on their own website. Pay particular attention to how much effort people have put into tricking them up to something presentable and then consider whether you are really ahead on price and effort.

        HTH, Dave

      • Eastern Funker said

        Dave, that’s very true…fastbuilds don’t get much attention on modeller sites but when they do,I certainly listen. At the moment, PSC seem to be fairly well received by them (but they often have caveats saying “Oh, you’ll never win a modelling award/trophy with this, this is a wargamer kit) and right now a new Chinese company, S-Model, is getting extremely positive reviews for it’s fastbuilds – see Rob Haelterman’s comments about the Pz II and Rob’s thoughts on the Italian L3/33 here.

        Remember, though, one’s budget and time are also factors. With Trainee Funker needing constant training and supervision, I have far less time to assemble normal model kits and so fastbuilds are now looking more and more attractive becuase it’s taking me forever to just assemble the link&length tracks on one normal model kit.

        But also, I bought these Pz IV because I wanted to have some L24 gun Pz IVs, and this was the easiest way to get such a kit and not have to do any kitbashing or aftermarket purchase work to convert a normal kit.

  3. DaveM said

    I am still meaning to get round to buying some PSC stuff. Are these from ebay or a trader?

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Thanos said

    Lovely models. Have a great time playing with what’s in them. 🙂

    • Eastern Funker said

      I will, France 1940 & Operation Barbarossa through to pre-Kursk now have another option for me to field against Peter!

  5. DaveM said

    Hi again EF. For some reason I couldn’t reply directly under your last posting but following on from that… Please take my comments about cost and time as directed squarely at the Armourfast brand, not all fastbuilds in general. The reason I was saying that is because of the major lack of both interior (where open) and exterior detail with a lot of their kits.

    I am certainly a big fan of fastbuilds and these days always look to them first as the basis for new modelling projects. And yes, those S-Model kits look absolutely amazing.

    Cheers, Dave

    • Eastern Funker said

      I did take your comments as you intended I should, don’t worry, because they seemed to match what I’ve read others saying about Armourfast. So please relax. With PSC and S-Model getting such rave reviews from hardcore river-counter modellers like Rob Haelterman, that means I need to pay more attention to these products anyway!
      Oh, and Dave, I’ve have some replies about PSC in Victoria/Melbourne. I’ll do a whole separate blog entry just for you, OK?

      • DaveM said

        Great !!! Looking forward to it…..

        Cheers, Dave

      • Ben B said

        Sorry I didn’t get back to you on this.

        I checked out the links, Henk seems to have the best coverage.
        From what I can tell, PSC beats Armourfast in a couple areas in my opinion. The tracks are a vast improvement over armourfast. As is the general level of detail from a glance. Also they come in three packs instead of two, which fits into real life organisation tables better giving it more value to me. For approximately the same unit price, I will probably choose PSC in the future, especially since WW2 seems to be coming back into my life 😀
        But then again, Pegasus seems to make a good, cheap T-34, which is what I’m thinking about now.
        Thanks for the info guys.

      • Eastern Funker said

        Pegasus are certainly worth checking out…just so far they haven’t made anything fastbuild I really want (but if someone offered me a company of their Pz 38t, I wouldn’t refuse them)…

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