I rediscovered a webpage discussing how to paint armour that is dirty

October 25, 2012

Stephen C. Willoughby wrote a brilliant article for his local chapter of IPMS called

How Tanks Get Dirty: A column about tanks by an ex-tanker.

I found it the first time whilst reading more after learning the ‘Doug Chaltry technique’ and then lost it’s location because I forgot the keywords I used to find it the first time.

I recently rediscovered it and am glad that some of what he wrote had stuck with me and that I am going part of the way to reproducing armour that has been out & about as opposed to fresh off the assembly line or kept in a museum. And I wanted to share it with you!


3 Responses to “I rediscovered a webpage discussing how to paint armour that is dirty”

  1. DaveM said

    Good stuff there EF. Did you manage to snag yourself a copy of Sven-Åke Grufstedt’s Braille Scale modelleing e-book? Display modeller stuff but some really interesting techniques. It was free to download – not sure now.


    Cheers, Dave

  2. DaveM said

    LOL I know what you mean. Nice to look though !

    Cheers, Dave

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