Eastern Funker’s highlights of the PSC Pz IVs…

October 30, 2012

There are a few highlights to these fast-build kits by PSC.

First, you get not one, but two commander figures for each tank:  – check out the sculpting! Nicely done, will drybrush/highlight/wash up very nicely. Plus a spare commander to use elsewhere.

Second, you get stowage such as jerrycans:  and spare roadwheels:  .

Third, you get pre-made track sag:    .

I don’t have to break out the cut-off matchsticks, cut-off icecream sticks and cut-off chopsticks that I would normally use to try to replicate track sag with!

4 Responses to “Eastern Funker’s highlights of the PSC Pz IVs…”

  1. Stuart said

    Perhaps best of all, they’re fully compatible in size and scale to Armourfast and others (except for the Airfix kit which is 1/76). Excellent models

  2. Thanos said

    You’ll have a great time with these mate! 🙂

  3. DaveM said

    I’ve “almost” got my hands on my first box of PSC thanks to your help. I’ve gone for the 251/D and like the pics you’ve shown I am really impressed with the little extras of crew figures and stowage items. Can’t wait for the 251/Cs and hopefully the conversion set to come out in 1/72 as well…

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Ben B said

    They are some nice looking kits, those treads actually look FUN to put together!
    I was glad to read that the parts for an Ausf F are included with each model. Good luck!

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