Bayonet Model Club Swap Meet results – plus the B-24 Liberator…

November 15, 2012

Trainee Funker was not obeying any orders for a while during last saturday morning and I nearly didn’t get to go to Bayonet Military Model Club’s modelling competition & swap ‘n sell YET AGAIN…however, he finally responded to discipline and so I was able to hit the Western Ring Road and Princes Highway down to Werribee.

The trip is worth it for the B-24 Liberator alone. Here are my photos – approaching the restoration hanger (the competition and swap ‘n sell is inside, along with the plane):  , and now inside, looking at real, restored history:  ,  ,  ,  ,  , some of the business purposes of the vehicle –  , great campaign pitch  – hard to say ‘no’ to that!,  ,  , “pilot to gunner!” –  ,  ,  ,  , again the business reasons –   , their contact details on their advertising trailer if you want to find out more:  .

I scored pretty heavily at this swap ‘n sell:  .

  • 2 T-34/76’s (in 1:76 scale, though) to add to my existing 8 which gives me a complete company;
  • 2 250/9’s which added to my existing kits now gives me two platoons and a spare of these recon vehicles;
  • 2 recovery KVs for particular scenarios;
  • 3 KV-2’s which, if I add to my existing 3, gives me more than a company. But the first three KV-2’s I assembled and painted weren’t painted very well, so I might just give them to Trainee Funker when he’s older and start afresh with these;
  • 3 ISU-152s to add to my existing three which gives me a company plus a spare;
  • a total of five KV-1’s (there is no real difference between these two kits) which is a whole company straight off. I already have a whole company of KV-1’s, in the same situation as my KV-2’s. Two companies? Or one for me and one for the Trainee?

Pretty darned good, if you’ll agree. Plus, all those PST kits were a paltry $5 each, all sealed and in perfect condition. So, $65 bought 13 kits. All the above cost a total of $99.

Here are ‘drool’ photos of some of what was available:  (a fair whack of this stuff can home with me – this was taken upon my arrival at the venue);  ; wow, 1/ 6 scale stuff!:  ;  ;  ;  ;  ; even 1/1 scale stuff for re-enactors…  .

A great way to spend a morning. See some real history and buy some small-scale plastic replica history. Thanks for organising it, Bayonet Military Model Club, and I hope to attend every year from now on!

11 Responses to “Bayonet Model Club Swap Meet results – plus the B-24 Liberator…”

  1. Ben B said

    Nice looking show, again! That’s an impressive pile of loot as well, a total of five KVs is a good deal in itself. thanks for sharing.

  2. trixfred30 said

    We’re doing a similar thing over here with a Wellington (sorry I don’t usually post links in comments but I thought this was quite interesting)

  3. arkiegamer said

    Looks like a great event. Seeing the B-24 in pieces is, perhaps, even more interesting than seeing a wholly assembled plane. And is that a P-51 in the background of the second photograph?

  4. DaveM said

    Great pics EF and a terrific haul you have there. I think it was a much better roll-up than last year. I got my long-awaited PSC 251/D halftracks, so many thanks again for the lead to Brian.

    Cheers, Dave

    • Eastern Funker said

      Glad I could help you. It was a good haul for me – would’ve been better if I’d been there 15 minutes earlier, someone snaffled a bargain from Sparrow Castings that I wanted badly…

  5. Peter said

    And you were going to stop collecting Soviets!
    Those are actually T-34/76 1941, or T-34/76B as some call them. The first model has a shorter barrel and different mantlet.
    The difference between the KV-1A and B is that the B’s have applique armor welded to the hull and turret fronts, but they used them together anyway.
    Great haul you got there 🙂

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