Still one month to go…

November 30, 2012

…but what a year it’s been. Some great hauls at swap n’ sells, plus purchases from private sellers; enough scenery finished to satisfy immediate needs; interesting posts from my fellow hobby folks (many of whom I’ve linked to…scroll down and see their blogs); two nominations for a Leibster blog award; Trainee Funker recruiting himself into my life.

My modelling output has really slowed and so has the frequency of my posts, so I don’t really deserve the award. If I’m helping people find information, then that is reward in itself. My fellow hobby bloggers have been doing fantastic projects and posts this year and so I really urge you to check their blogs if you don’t, or check one out that you don’t normally read.

Only 3 games of ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ so far this year but aiming for a fourth before Christmas. A few days off between Christmas and New Year, so hopefully I can get lots of hobby stuff done then.

Thanks for reading – keep checking in, but don’t check in daily – weekly is more than enough.

One Response to “Still one month to go…”

  1. Ben B said

    It is hard to believe 2012 is closing soon, wow!
    It has been a good first year on blogger for me, I’ve enjoyed seeing your projects and updates as well as the many other sites. My collection has grown at its fastest pace I ever remember, does that happen every year?! Good luck on the last month of the year, I hope we do get to see another Panzerfaust game soon.

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