“…Making good use of the things that we find, Things that the everyday folks leave behind…” – The Wombling song, The Wombles (TV show)

January 15, 2013

If you don’t know about the TV version of The Wombles books, educate yourself on YouTube here.

I’ve been doing a bit of Wombling lately…

someone at work had bought an Eee Slate and threw out the box and packaging: Wombling 1 . The cardboard packaging was of no value to me, but wait…: Wombling 2 – could that be a useful plastic tray? Let’s have a look: Wombling 3 – why yes, it is! A nice size for a lap, with a nice, sturdy carry rim: Wombling 4 and good depth too, probably an inch deep: Wombling 5 . Great! This will be useful for sorting out bits and pieces when assembling individual 1:72 scale figures, or for sorting out vehicular stowage and other small odds & ends. I might even use it to catch the pieces of flashing when cleaning sprues with a scalpel. So, useless plastic to one is a handy hobby tray to another.

Next up: Christmas present packaging. Two presents came with transparent plastic lids:  Wombling 6 . The first one is a perfect, flat sheet – I’ll cut off the 90 degree angle sides and discard them (they are too small and I can’t be bothered keeping every last scrap of everything): Wombling 7 . I have used pieces like this to make wargaming rivers in the past (for a smaller scale of wargaming, different period and different rule set). They turn out really well, too! The second one has some shaping moulded into it, so it’s not a single perfect sheet: Wombling 8 . With the shaping bits removed, there’s plenty left to use for windshields, aircraft canopies, building windows, etc.

So, some rubbish that might end up as landfill will be given a second life on the wargames table. As Paul from Plastic Warriors would say, “Model on!!!”


5 Responses to ““…Making good use of the things that we find, Things that the everyday folks leave behind…” – The Wombling song, The Wombles (TV show)”

  1. PaulPaul said

    Perhaps it should be ‘Womble on’ mate?

    Good score.

  2. Eastern Funker said

    Indeed – good comment!

  3. Bard said

    Very cool indeed — I’m always in favor of recycling and reusing!

  4. Stephen said

    The trick with this is to keep a limit on things that “might be useful” and, even, put ‘sunset clauses’ on them.
    I had a box of ‘recycled’ bits that I had for over 15 years and then used them to make a open day display. Since then I have introduced the ‘sunset clause’ – 15 years is just too long – and now I have reduced the amount I have stored.
    If all else fails work on the “I have my own body weight in …….. “. If you have about that much, maybe it’s time to lose weight!!

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