AAR: ESSMC’s Annual Swap & Sell

March 31, 2013

It was lovely weather for a swap & sell, and Mrs Funker & Trainee Funker joined me for the drive (although not for the event itself). I didn’t get there an hour early and queue as per normal…Trainee Funker being so full of beans, we were too busy getting him ready and time just slipped away. After parking the car, I was walking up the hill to the venue when good blokes & fellow NWA‘rs Sean and Neil pulled up next to me. We went in together after some light banter and catching up about events at NWA.

The traders were really well arranged – kudos to ESSMC management for doing such a great job with such limited space. Here’s some of what was on sale:

Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 1 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 2 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 3 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 4 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 5 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 6 Mar 2013 s&s other stuff 7

I didn’t find any kits on my Wanted list, but came away with some books: The loot from ESSMC's March 2013 Swap & Sell – I was loaned “Tank versus Tank” two years ago by Kim from NWA and wanted to photocopy the whole thing, so impressed was I by it…but I only copied my legal 10%. To find it on sale was fantastic – even the vendor, just as I picked it up, sung it’s praises and I told him how I’d already read it and loved it…$20 was no problem at all.

The foreign armour book will be useful for doing “Beute” stuff for both my major belligerents on the Ostfront…and “PzKpfw IV” was a mandatory for my personal library.

So, no kits, but some great books. Sometimes it’s like that!


8 Responses to “AAR: ESSMC’s Annual Swap & Sell”

  1. Good report Nick, not much 1/72 or 76 stuff there by the look of it.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I didn’t photograph it because it was all stuff that I either already owned, didn’t want or was from a different time period. Interestingly,. there was LOTS of modern 1:72 AFVs at this sale. I was thinking of people like you and Ben and wondering if I should buy them and ship them over to you…one guy was selling two Abrams and two Bradleys, $40 the lot…

  2. Peter said

    Oooh, might have to borrow the Tank vs Tank, and Hitlers Tank Heist from you….

  3. Great blog, I managed to pick up a copy of tank vs tank myself at a local 1940s weekend. Only cost me £1.50 (bargain!). Just ordered some 1:72 PSP kits myself, and looking at the German Kursk box set as a present from Santa : )

    Desperatley tryingtofind some guys local to myself now so that I can get involved with the wargames side more.

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