Armourfast are making 1/72 buildings – newsflash!

April 21, 2013

Well, not a newsflash, as this news has been circulating for almost a month…

seems that Armourfast has a European-style Farm house in 1/72 scale for our market…

have a look at this link.

I’l try to keep an eye out for one – looks OK.

Have you already got one or seen it? What are your thoughts? Share them in the Comments section below!



5 Responses to “Armourfast are making 1/72 buildings – newsflash!”

  1. Thanos said

    I think I am going to buy one or two or three…I think they look nice. 🙂

  2. DaveM said

    I saw some pics of these a little while back. I have a lot of old HO plastic model railway buildings that I used to use for wargaming. These days the resin buildings I have are closer to 15mm scale but I find them great for games with 1/72(-76) models; I think the “true scale” 1/72 buildings like those by Italeri, and now Armourfast, just take up too much real estate in larger WW2 games where the ground scale is typically a lot different to the model scale.

    Cheers, Dave

  3. DaveM said

    EF, are you planning on going to the Chirnside Park S&S on 12th May ? I can’t make it but I am after something….

    Cheers, Dave

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