Peter’s new KV-1’s

June 18, 2014

Hello all, yes, a rare post from the Eastern Funker.

Peter’s been working on a new company of KV-1 heavy tanks.

He’s been experimenting with a weathering powder. I think the experiment has been a huge success!

photo(5) kv photo(6) kv photo(7) kv photo(8) kv photo(9) kv photo16kv photo17kv photo18kv

9 Responses to “Peter’s new KV-1’s”

  1. Great work Peter!

    Good to see you are still around Nick.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’m alive, but not getting any modelling done beyond attending the swap & sells and purchasing the odd kit, which then goes into the stash and sits there untouched except by the spiders who live in that closet and the adjoining shelves…

  2. Thanos said

    Νice work Nick! πŸ™‚

  3. milgeek said

    Oh I do like KVs! πŸ™‚ Smashing collection.

  4. Greetings, Eastern Funker! Getting ready to play my first-ever game of Panzerfaust:Armored Fist! I will post an AAR with initial thoughts / commentary afterwards.

    By the way, we all miss your blog posts!


    • Eastern Funker said

      Hello Steven,
      thanks for your kind thought and I hope the game went well! Please post a link here to your AAR.
      I actually unboxed and looked at some of my armies yesterday…who knows what the future will bring?
      To be honest, probably another 6 months or a year before I can get back “into production”…

  5. I forgot to mention that these are KV-1 are the Pegasus Hobbies #7666 1/72 KV-1 Soviet Heavy Tank (M1972) (2 in a box.)

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