Cobwebs and dust

May 8, 2015

Just done a little sweeping and tidying, as this last week I am recommencing work on miniatures. I’m glad to see many of you whom I had links to are still publishing your blogs!

I can’t say how much I’m going to publish here. Probably just sporadically.

I’m trying to get these peasants’ storage huts out of the way, so I can finish the second platoon of Panthers, and then so I can start work on a number of prebuilt kits I’ve bought that were part of “vehicle graveyard” Ebay lots.


2 Responses to “Cobwebs and dust”

  1. DaveM said

    Hey Funker, I’ve missed your posts. Wish I could score a load of pre-loved models from somewhere – atm I can’t be arsed building from scratch anything that’s in the stash and I don’t seem to be making it to the swapmeets lately. A few unloved dusty units to fix up could be the ticket. Hope you can post some of your efforts.


    • Eastern Funker said

      Still three major swap and sells to go this year – Queens Birthday, the IPMS Aug/Sep one, and then Bayonet Model Club in November…

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