Australian wargamer (and former roleplayer), amateur historian, professional librarian, fisherman and fishkeeper.

This blog will have a finite life – meaning that when I finish all relevant/suitable German forces for the “Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist” set of wargaming rules, I’ll stop maintaining this blog.

Unless there’s a public outcry…

19 Responses to “Me”

  1. Sean Feole said

    Hey There Australian wargamer, I wanted to say “great blog!” I make models for a hobby primarily armor. German/American/Russia WW2 vintage and have been now starting to create small combat scenes.. You had some great reference to using Woodland scenic. I’m planning on buying some to play with.. Thanks for your passage regarding it!

    Keep up the good work, I’ll bookmark your site and keep up to date on it 😉


  2. Eastern Funker said

    If you have a site or put on online, I’d lik to see it and link to it…anything to support the hobby here.
    I’m pretty impressed with Woodland Scenics stuff, especially flock and foliage, which I consider superior to Heki.

  3. GameThug said

    Hey mate,

    Curious to know what vuildings you’re using. I’m playing a WWII Skirmishing game, and am in need to cover for my poor Grenadiers!

  4. stuart said

    This time of year you can find porcelain buildings intended to make ‘Christmas’ villages (not too sure about these being available Down Under though!)
    Some of them are easily customized to make European/German style houses, Churches, barns etc and at a cost of around $1 you can’t go wrong! Also the accessories like railroad track, small bridges etc. Best of all are the pine trees which look great overs prayed with green paint and flock powder for summer use, or left ‘as is’ for winter games.

  5. robert littley said

    Your web site as inspired me to reply to you.
    My main wargaming interest is in ostfront. 72/76 scale .
    When I can figuer it out I will sent you pictures of a German 251 , resin model i brought at a games fair in Leeds Yorkshire ,England and some Hitler youth by BLITZ, excellent and witty models . A not finished form board and Spaghetti roofed house , I’m not much of a painter I’m afraid but am getting better at each attempt .
    I’m a recent convert to blitzkrieg commander 2.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’m glad to inspire you – but please also look around at other blogs and website and wargaming clubs, that’s where much of my inspiration comes from!
      I’d be especially interested in seeing your Hitler youth, as I have an idea to do some Folkssturm units myself.
      As for painting – we are all striving to do better. It’s about practice and getting technique ideas from others, so keep it up!

  6. Pr3dator said

    Hello Eastern Funker!
    I have been following your blog for a time. I really like it! This blog together with some other Wargame blogs that I have seen made me make my own 🙂

    Check it out if you want!

  7. david said

    great blog and terrific tips

    you may find some of the things in my blog intersting as well

    David from Oz

  8. Hey Eastern Funker

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. I’ve found a great deal of inspiration from your blog. So much so that I’ve gone and ordered Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist 4th edition from “Noble knight games”. You have put in alot of amazing work into your blog, thank you for all the amazing content you’ve posted.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Hello there Panzersoldier8577, glad that you’ve been enjoying my work. It started as a side task for my job and I’ve stuck with it.
      Peter whom I play with and refer to on this blog is one of the two designers of the rules, so if you get stuck with something, please let me know and I’ll pass it along to him to answer.
      Do please also have a look at some of the blogs I link to as they have some great ideas about modelling, scenery and gaming.

  9. stuart said

    Hey, I’m a regular reader and big fan too! Your posts often inspire me when I’ve hit that ‘painter’s block’ and I’ve quite unashamedly borrowed some of your ideas 😉
    You can’t stop at the German border, I’m eagerly awaiting to see what you do with the glorious Red Army!

    • Eastern Funker said

      And I’ve kept some of your earlier comments for trial later. You’ve put a couple of good ideas here in the past.
      The Red Army is coming! I cleaned the sprues for a Lend-Lease jeep last night and will be cleaning the sprues for those SU-85′s (СУ-85) this weekend.

  10. I wanted to ask a question regarding infantry stands. As I’m currently re-basing my infantry while I wait for my rulebook to get through the mail system.

    I noticed in some of the pictures on your blog that standard infantry tend to be 4 models per stand and 3 stands makes a squad. So I guess on average a platoon would be about 12 stands. Is this correct?

    Are there other factors that would come in too play regarding this?

    Thank you

    • Eastern Funker said

      You’ve basically got it.
      There are times when you have options about hown many teams you have…a 1939-1945 German Infantry Regminent list aloows the Company HQ to have a HQ team, 1-2 Rifle teams and 0-2 LMG teams.
      So, if you went for a budget infantry company HQ, you could just have 2 teams (the HQ team and the rifle team)
      but if you wanted a ‘maxxed out’ HQ, you would have 5 teams (the HQ team, 2 rifle teams and 2 LMG teams).
      The army lists are pretty clear.

      As for the number of models on the base, for infantry it should be 3-4…what I did is work on a squad having 10 men, so I spread the 10 figures over the 3 bases. 2 bases have three figs each and one has four figs.

      Figures with cannons is done differently, 1 figure will represent 2 actual troops. Again, the rules cover how to do it.

      Motorbikes and bicycles is where it gets tricky, as it’s hard to fit 3 1/72 motorbikes on a 40mm X 40mm square…

  11. Hey nice houses by the way. I was wondering is there any site selling packs of the bases for the infantry teams? Or do people just make them themselves?

  12. plasticwarriorpaul said

    Hey Nick, it’s Paul from the plasticwarriors blog.

    Long time, no post!

    Could you flick me a email, as I have a question for you.

    Cheers Paul

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