Back in April you saw my first completed MAC Distribution 1:72 Horch 108/Kfz. 70, kit number 72057.

Well, here’s the second one, completed thanks to people who are CNC experts: . This time I chose Dark Angels Green, to represent access to better camouflage paint paste and, rather than painting the camouflage as stripes or slashes, I chose to do spots or splodges, which was a fairly common quick (or lazy) camouflage pattern.

My copy of “Encyclopaedia of German tanks of World War II” by Chamberlain & Doyle list this vehicle as being ‘2cm FlaK30 oder 38 (Sf) auf schwere geländegängiger Einheits PKW’.

Here is what MAC say.

It would seem, then, that it’s designation  should be Kfz. 81.