Best link for 2011

December 27, 2011

I haven’t linked to as much this year as I did last year, but then I also didn’t post as much this year as I did last year.

These are the links, in date descending order (librarian tech speak) that I feel are worth nominating as candidates for best link for 2011:

“10 minutes spent on terrain each day keeps the guilt doctor away” – after Paul, from his ‘Plastic Warriors’ blog – November 21

The 7.92 mm Pz B39 – what is it? – July 4

What does it look like inside a company that makes plastic model kits? – May 20

It’s a tree-basing bonanza… – May 6

Camouflage – how good is yours? – April 21

If you are good enough, you could make your own toy soldiers… – April 4

and lastly:

How we modellers can help Japan – March 15

Paul from “Plastic Warriors” has two great posts in here, and Bunkermeister’s one about helping Japan in the wake of the Fukushima disaster is very good too. To be able to find a good review about historical weapons was very helpful and something I didn’t think I’d find so readily. The camouflage on the Maus from the “Modelling Madness” is lots of fun, and seeing inside Italeri was unprecedented.

All the links above are well worth a visit. If you haven’t seen these while reading my blog throughout the year (or if you are a recent newcomer to my blog), hop to it. You’ll enjoy them.

The winner, though, are the photos from inside Italeri that a member of the Modellismo Piu model-making forum shared.


I didn’t get any model kits for Christmas, if you’re wondering.






I finished my German ATR teams. The figures are from Pegasus Hobbies’ Set 7499, German Army Infantry 1939. They paint up beautifully:  .

There are two figures with Anti-tank rifles in the kit. One is a smaller rifle, the other much larger. I assume that the smaller anti-tank rifle is the 7.92 mm Panzerbüchse (P.z.B.) 39 German Anti-Tank Rifle (or the PzB 38 or PzB 40)…I’ve written and linked to outside detail about the PzB 39 anti-tank rifle on this post from July. Here’s a close-up of one of my four completed PzB 39 gunners: (I’m permitted a maximum of 4 Anti-tank Rifle teams in an Infantry Company).

Here’s one of the bigger anti-tank rifles, which I’m going to assume is the 20mm Solothurn 18-1000:  (my assumption is based on a comparison of it to the Soviet 14.5mm PTRD 41 & 14.5mm PTRS anti-tank rifles, which are similar sizes and lengths).

The Pegasus Hobbies kit gives each anti-tank gunner a little mound to lie on – the figure cannot rest flat on the ground because of this little mound! I placed them with the prone observer figure from the kit, who I’ve made into the loader/ammo bearer of each team.

Pegasus Hobbies say these figures are 1/76 scale. Plastic Soldier Review describe them as being between 1/72 & 1/76 scale. They are probably right…I think as long as you don’t mix them with other manufacturers’ figures and other Pegasus sets on the same base, you’ll be right. They are great figures, very realistic poses and extremely well detailed resulting in wonderful paint jobs.


I’ve had these photos sitting here for a week, only just got round to uploading them today. I need to pay more regular attention to this blog…the last couple of months has seen me slipping.

Whilst doing some bedtime reading a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by something I’d never come across before in my years of WWII wargaming and history research. I was checking my copy of the Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two: The complete illustrated dictionary of German battle tanks, armoured cars, self-propelled guns and semi-tracked vehicles by Peter Chamberlain and Hilary Doyle (1999 edn) about the Sd.Kfz. 251/7 (as you do at bedtime) and it states that the armament for said engineering vehicle are 2 7.92mm MG (either 34 or 42 models) and one Pz B39. I didn’t know what a Pz B39 was! I knew what a 28mm sPzB41 was, but not what a Pz B39 was. I was floored.

A search of the Internet turned up an informative answer. The Small Arms Review magazine’s website has sample articles, one of which is all about the Pz B39. Lucky! The Pz B39 is an anti-tank rifle. I knew the Germans had them…I’d just never come across any of the specifics about their AT rifles.

So, this is educational for all of us. I present to you the sample article from  Small Arms Review (vol. 6, no. 8, May 2003), 7.92 mm Panzerbüchse (P.z.B.) 39 German Anti-Tank Rifle – small calibre tank buster by Frank Iannamico.