Ah, Pegasus Hobbies Russian farm houses…I won these on eBay three or more years back. Due to ever-shrinking shelf space, I decided last month to get them assembled and painted. Here they are after Dullcoting:  .

Here they are with figures and on a proper gaming board:  . Now I have a total of three of these kits…these two kits joining my existing one as well as my existing MiniArt “East European village house” (kit MA72016). I’m getting quite a nice little Eastern European village going!

Here’s the farm houses with some troops:



A Soviet rifle squad moves along the outskirts of the same village:   – sighting trouble, they set up their LMG:  and as quickly as possible try to pin down their opponents with a hail of bullets:  . From inside one farmhouse, a cowering village resident yells from inside his house  about the enemy sniper:  – a heavy burst sends the sniper scurrying back to the rest of his unit:  and the Russian riflemen cut down any foolish enough that flee recklessly:  . The village has been taken back!

(If you enjoyed this picture story, you’ll enjoy Bunkermeister’s work. He just finished one based on Starship Troopers).

Best link for 2011

December 27, 2011

I haven’t linked to as much this year as I did last year, but then I also didn’t post as much this year as I did last year.

These are the links, in date descending order (librarian tech speak) that I feel are worth nominating as candidates for best link for 2011:

“10 minutes spent on terrain each day keeps the guilt doctor away” – after Paul, from his ‘Plastic Warriors’ blog – November 21

The 7.92 mm Pz B39 – what is it? – July 4

What does it look like inside a company that makes plastic model kits? – May 20

It’s a tree-basing bonanza… – May 6

Camouflage – how good is yours? – April 21

If you are good enough, you could make your own toy soldiers… – April 4

and lastly:

How we modellers can help Japan – March 15

Paul from “Plastic Warriors” has two great posts in here, and Bunkermeister’s one about helping Japan in the wake of the Fukushima disaster is very good too. To be able to find a good review about historical weapons was very helpful and something I didn’t think I’d find so readily. The camouflage on the Maus from the “Modelling Madness” is lots of fun, and seeing inside Italeri was unprecedented.

All the links above are well worth a visit. If you haven’t seen these while reading my blog throughout the year (or if you are a recent newcomer to my blog), hop to it. You’ll enjoy them.

The winner, though, are the photos from inside Italeri that a member of the Modellismo Piu model-making forum shared.


I didn’t get any model kits for Christmas, if you’re wondering.






Bunkermeister, over at his blog Bunker Talk, has a great suggestion about how we plastic kit modellers can help Japan during its recovery.



Caesar Miniatures have very recently begun to make vehicles and guns as well as figures. I’ve bought various WWII figures off them over the years and have always found them well worth the money, well sculpted and with very good detail. I was waiting to hear what people thought of them before I committed any cash and, mercifully, positive statements were made reasonably quickly.

Henk of Holland has found in their favour, as have the folks over at the Braille Scale Discussion Forum. I was most interested in the quality and accuracy and they are fine on both of these regards. Al from 20th Century Wargames mentions the extras you get and you get a nice review of both quality and sprues over with the Bunkermeister.

While winning some lots on Ebay, I also had the funds to buy two of these Sig 33 kits. I’m in complete agreement with everyone else: they look great, are pretty finely detailed and are fantastic value! Here’s a photo: and detail of the gun sprue itself :  .

They won’t be done for a little while as I’ve got a number of other kits undercoated and under various stages of contruction at the moment, but more about that another time.

By the by, I bought my two kits through Bryan at Always Model – a very reliable and agreeable online retailer. I’ve used him a number of times now and have always been happy with price, communications and service.

I’ve finished my 40mm x 40mm base of motorcycles, which are part of my recon force’s HQ. These are all from the Italeri WWII German Motorcycles kit.

Motorcycle recon 1

Motorcycle recon 2

Motorcycle recon 3

Motorcycle recon 4

The artwork for the box and the uniforms of the figures show that they are meant to be down in Africa, as part of the DAK. To make them Eastern Front, I’ve painted them as wearing the “reed green” summer uniform, which was also known as HBT or herringbone twill. They’ve come out really well (except I don’t have much evidence of troops in the HBT uniform wearing that type of cap in that colour…that cap was very much a DAK item. Ah well, it’s just a game – and an abstract one at that. So a little artistic licence here and there is OK.

This means the oft-talked-about game on this blog for the last three months or so can finally happen.


In other news, the wonderful Paul who runs the brilliant “Plastic Warriors” blog passed along some vital news that I’ll share with you all – he’s found a link where you can go have a look-see at the new Caeser WWII German Paratroopers (why aren’t they called Fallschirmjäger?)?

It comes from Bunkermeister’s Bunker Talk blog, and here’s the link to the post you all want to see! Thanks Paul for the tipoff, and thanks Bunkermeister for making some photos so speedily available!