The IPMS Swap & Sell yesterday was quite an event. I was there at 9.05am, 55 minutes before opening at 10am, and there were already 50-80 people ahead of me. By 10am, the queue stretched the length of the building. Here’s a photo as I went up the escalator of the queue BEHIND me:  – you can see it stretching all the way under that roof up to the bright daylight in the distance. How many people is that lined up? 500? 800? I don’t know. But I’m glad I got there when I did and will be there earlier next year.

I already mentioned part of my wish list last post. I think Santa must have been listening:

  • 2 x Revell Panzer III – platoon completed!
  • 2 x Revell Panzer IV – platoon completed!
  • 1 x Dragon 251/2 D – The 251/2 by Dragon can be built as a 251/1, so that’s a platoon completed! Also, it’s technically not a 215/2 – the 251/2 had a mortar replacing the front MG. This vehicle is actually a Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf. D mit 28cm Wurfrahmen.
  • 4 x Revell Panzer VI – a platoon in one purchase! Sure, they are slightly different models of vehicle, but who cares? Many of the earlier ones with air cleaners on the back never went to the Afrika Korps.
  • 1 x Dragon 251/7 mit 2.8cm sPzB 41 – an engineering vehicle with a meaty gun; will be fun for Late War reconnaissance games where it can join the one I bought back in March.
  • 1 x ICM Sd.Kfz 222 & 1 x ICM Sd. Kfz 223 – a full reconnaissance platoon completed!
  • 2 x Revell Tiger II – half a second platoon started.
  • 1 x Revell Ju 87 D – all I needed for the air warfare component of the rules.

15 kits for $226…that’s $16 a kit if I add in petrol money and entrance fee. Now to find some time to assemble and paint them, and who to start with first? Decisions, decisions…probably the halftracks…

I’ve finished my 40mm x 40mm base of motorcycles, which are part of my recon force’s HQ. These are all from the Italeri WWII German Motorcycles kit.

Motorcycle recon 1

Motorcycle recon 2

Motorcycle recon 3

Motorcycle recon 4

The artwork for the box and the uniforms of the figures show that they are meant to be down in Africa, as part of the DAK. To make them Eastern Front, I’ve painted them as wearing the “reed green” summer uniform, which was also known as HBT or herringbone twill. They’ve come out really well (except I don’t have much evidence of troops in the HBT uniform wearing that type of cap in that colour…that cap was very much a DAK item. Ah well, it’s just a game – and an abstract one at that. So a little artistic licence here and there is OK.

This means the oft-talked-about game on this blog for the last three months or so can finally happen.


In other news, the wonderful Paul who runs the brilliant “Plastic Warriors” blog passed along some vital news that I’ll share with you all – he’s found a link where you can go have a look-see at the new Caeser WWII German Paratroopers (why aren’t they called Fallschirmjäger?)?

It comes from Bunkermeister’s Bunker Talk blog, and here’s the link to the post you all want to see! Thanks Paul for the tipoff, and thanks Bunkermeister for making some photos so speedily available!