I see this on the shelves of a hobby retailer in the city last Monday. $22 was the asking price. I was going to buy one, but I felt that it was too Western European and so not much good to me at the moment.

It’s very straightforward…glue the four walls together, glue the corner brickwork on to cover the seams where the walls get glued together, glue the roof together then do the little detail bits and pieces. Apart from waiting for glue to dry, should be very quick.

Here’s Armourfast’s own description – tells you even about the colour of the plastics used, for painting consideration!


Well, not a newsflash, as this news has been circulating for almost a month…

seems that Armourfast has a European-style Farm house in 1/72 scale for our market…

have a look at this link.

I’l try to keep an eye out for one – looks OK.

Have you already got one or seen it? What are your thoughts? Share them in the Comments section below!



March 18 2009 – I commented on Italeri releasing some WWII German motorcycles & motorcyclists. I mentioned in that blog post that the wonderful Plastic Soldier Review had reviewed the kit, too. I titled my blog post “Something new to buy for later”.

I realised that for this Recon game Peter and I will have soon, I need a base of motorcycles. The rulebook list for ‘(German) Armored Reconnaissance Battalion 1943-1945’ states that my company HQ must include a motorcycle base. Then, checking the ‘Softskin vehicles introduction’ section of the rulebook, I find the statement “Motorcycles list how many you need to base on an infantry team sized base”. Jumping back to my army list, the preceding section ‘German softskins’ section description for the BMW R35 & the NSU 251 OSL says “Motorcycle x2”.

I needed two motorcycles. I didn’t want to go with Armourfast. I obtained last week two kits of Italeri #6121 – so I finally bought them and, to justify the expenditure, needed them urgently too!Better than buying them and then adding them to the piles of boxes of “stuff to do when I’ve got time”.

I’ve spent the last 48 hours cutting the parts from their sprues, cutting off the flash and preparing them for a wash/degreasing. Well, cutting off the flash is misleading – there’s very little of it, and if you were in a hurry you could just cut them from the sprue, wash ’em and then paint ’em. I’m an occasional perfectionist, so with a surgical scalpel I cut off the minute amounts of flashing.

The detail is really excellent, particularly the treads on the tyres and on the mufflers/exhausts. Such fine work! With good painting and drybrushing, the detail should look superb. I was a little concerned about the sidecar machinegunner and his machinegun sitting in its allocated rest/peghole, but I guess I can always cut the pegs off and do some melting to make sure everything lines up properly. Some of the figures are in warm-weather uniforms, some are an standard uniforms. Since mine will be tearing about the Soviet Union, I’m going to use both but make sure each motorcycle’s occupants are in matching kit. I’m going to do my summer uniforms in Reed Green, as per my historical sources. They could just as easily be painted up as DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) but I’ll leave that for the Monty & Desert Fox enthusiasts.

Italeri should soon be releasing 1/72 scale WW2 German motorcyclists (kit #6121).  I’ve been toying (pardon the pun) with getting some recon cycles for a while. The wonderful Plastic Soldier Review has a comprehensive review of this new product, which you can read here. If you’ve never heard of Plastic Soldier Review, then get over there and start reading now – they cover all 1:72 scale figures, from all periods – prehistory to today.

I’m particularly happy that “…these are very much better models than the Armourfast equivalents…” (you can read the reviews of Armourfast’s offerings here and here), because that was my only option if I wanted to do up a recon platoon or even company for Panzerfaust!

It was New Year’s Day when I last updated you properly about the infantry I’ve been doing alongside the AFVs and vehicles. It seems like it’s taken forever to do them, but on the weekend I finally finished all the painting for 3rd Platoon and the Company HQ bases. Last night they were glued to bases and tonight the good old Kayak brown paint (also used for hill-making) was slopped on liberally. I also ended up with 3 times the same amount of painted guys who didn’t end up on bases, and now will have no home or love. What was I thinking?!

During the Easter extended holiday, I zoomed around a number of hobby shops looking for Woodlands Scenics T49, their Green Blend flock in a 50 cu.in. bag, which I’ve been using as grass on: bases for nearly all my figures (whether WW2 or not); hills; other bits of terrain…and found nary a pinch across all my favoured vendors (5 across metro Melbourne). So now I’m going to be in a holding pattern with finishing them and a hill I’ve been doing on the side, whilst I wait for new shipments of flock to arrive.

This means that I now have time to do the ESCI Opel Blitz and the ESCI 3-ton Half-track (Hanomag) I’ve got, as well as doing the 6 HAT Armourfast MG43 MMG (medium machinegun) teams to support the Infantry and three ACE PaK 38 anti-tank guns that were in the big order from HobbyTerra. Variety – the spice of life.