After having posted last month about considering buying some pre-made, painted model railway terrain from Hornby, I have been doing some research about their suitability for Eastern Front wargaming. I wanted to try to see if those kinds of stone walls/stone fences are found in the region…or were found in the region at the time.

I employed Google’s image search and tried a number of different search terms in a number of different combinations. I used English words, which I knew would severely restrict the numbers of results I found even before . I did find two photos – one here and one here – but they are both from a museum of Ukrainian folk architecture. Nothing else that I was satisfied with. I had tried a number of different country names – Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany – so I felt I’d been fair.

Once I changed the location search term to to “Britain”, up popped many photos, so stone fences seem to be fairly commonplace in England, Scotland and Ireland but not so much in Eastern Europe.
I won’t buy these stone fences now – I’d rather buy and paint up another set of wooden fences (which you see in some of my AAR/game report photos).

Still, it was worth doing the research.


Yesterday I went to another toy train sale: . I thought that it would have different products to last week, but it was the same as last week, run by the same people. They run yesterday’s one as a monthly event…the week before was some sort of “one-off’  extra session.

There were some different bits and pieces, for example there was a second-hand building of an orthodox church in 1/87 scale that I very nearly bought; there were more trains and other bits and bobs. What caught my eye was pre-made scenery by Hornby Model Railways: . Pre-made, pre-painted walls really appeal to me. I’m happy to spend time painting up buildings, but would really prefer not to spend ages working on walls that I might only occasionally use and are more likely to suffer wear-n-tear (becuase of the way I pack and transport them).

I’m going to spend some time looking further at these products. They are OO/HO, which is 1/76 scale.