I’m not finding so many useful videos now, but thereare some searches I have not tried yet.

Here are three that I have found worth mentioning:

GERMAN PROPAGANDA video newsreel film Film ID:  1129.04 .    Much of it is footage that I’ve already pointed you to through earlier posts…but right at the end is some (so far unseen by me) footage of Russian light tanks and armoured cars in action.

TIME TO REMEMBER – OPERATION BARBAROSSA ( 1941 ) – reel 2 video newsreel film Film ID:  2247.02.    There are some snippets of film you’ve already seen, but also some interesting other segments.
A Panzer II accompanied by German bicycle troops (attention all recon force people!); a long pan across an attack on a small Russian village or small kolkhoz (letting you get an idea of how the main buildings are arranged in a kolkhoz).

RUSSIANS LIBERATE A VILLAGE – 1942 video newsreel film Film ID:  1625.01.   Russian BA-series armoured cars in winter camouflage; a KV-1 in winter camouflage; a T-34/76 in the winter camouflage used around Moscow (mostly white but with bands of cross-hatched green); Russian infantry with a M-1910 Maxim machine gun and its Sokolov mount that have been given winter camouflage by wrapping them in white cloth.


This was a return to infantry vs. infantry, but with one side being mobile…in this case, Peter’s Soviets were a Guards company and they were riding in Lend-lease U.S. M3 Halftracks.

Here’s the map, looking from East to West: Map – a kolkhoz on the very edge of the Soviet Union or a hamlet somewhere on the Eastern Front,as the Germans slowly withdrew back to Germany. Date: 1944. Nine buildings, with the roofless building with white walls (and black floor – a terrain item still being painted) being the objective for the Soviets.

A 6 was rolled for winds – Gale force winds! No smokescreens today, then. The winds were heading to the East (direction was diced for using a purpose-made polyhedron).

TURN ONE: The Guards Company came onto the board from the Northeast and immediately began deploying some artillery. Those Guards riding in halftracks quickly sighted Germans: Guards sight the enemy early

This was my Third Platoon, who had a 81mm mortar section attached to it. I needed 8’s to hit the Soviet artillery with the mortars 81mm mortar section killing some Guard artillery – I rolled a 9, a 15 and an 8 – one of four artillery guns was thus wiped out. Peter tested Morale, but was fine.

TURN TWO: The closest halftracks raced in, Moving into CQC trying to get into close-quarters combat (CQC).  The others advanced. Third Platoon got to shoot as the Soviet forces approach.

Each section in the platoon could fire a Panzerfaust 100 each turn. At point-blank range a 10 is needed, modified to 11 because my troops are Veterans. Only one of three hit; for damage, a 13 was rolled – an Immobilizing result (if I’d rolled 14, it’d be destroyed!) Panzerfaust hits! . The halftrack’s crew and passengers roll low for Morale and so bail out – the rest of the Soviets’ Morale is fine.

The Guards now returned fire Guards begin to open fire . 5 LMG bases and 8 SMG bases is a total of 58 fire factors. Peter then rolls a 4. The Germans are prone but not in cover. 4 German teams are lost.

Overall, the Germans lost 5 teams and the Soviets lost 4 teams.

The surviving squads of 3rd Platoon now test Morale – one is Shaken for 6 turns, the other is Shaken for 4 turns. The whole platoon is then tested and the result is that the whole platoon is Shaken for 1 turn, but that doesn’t over-ride the individual squads’ tests. This means the troops who count most are pinned down for a long time while the rest of the platoon is only temporarily hitting the dirt.

All Soviet Morale is fine (as is usual).

Both my mortars and his artillery fail to add to the carnage. Here’s what Third Platoon now looked like on the board: Bitter CQC severely weakens 2rd Platoon . A few individual teams plus the mortar section.

TURN THREE: I mused aloud my strategy for this new turn – Peter kindly reminded me that the M3’s had HMGs (heavy machine-guns) on them – thus I decided that Platoons 1 and 2 would stay put and wait for the Soviets to come to them…they wouldn’t leave their positions to try to assist the remnants of 3rd Platoon. 3rd Platoon commenced its forced Withdraw 3rd platoon are forced to withdraw but more teams are gunned down, including one of the two mortar teams.

I had to test Morale again for these latest deaths and it was going to be even more important I succeed, because a whole platoon of mine had now been  destroyed. I roll a 4 – the whole company is Shaken. Normally, I would botch this more dramatically – but Peter confirmed that once his AFVs come within 40cm of my troops, they would Flee. Since that would be next turn, it was Game Over at the end of Turn Three.

I did better this time – but should’ve purchased a FAO for my mortar section prior to the game. Silly oversight on my part. Overall, I’m improving.