Some YouTube fun

July 24, 2008

Great to see people are using their ‘pride-and-joys’ for more than just wargaming or admiring:

and there’s the longer

Partini01has done a few more, too, so go have a look at his YouTube channel!


I’ve had a dabble with LinkedIn. At the moment, it’s a bit too restrictive, and I felt may exclude some potential users. Certainly the list of occupations was slanted towards certain occupation types. This is perhaps it’s strength and weakness – the occupations it expects and caters for. Those in those occupations will get onboard and use it – those who aren’t, won’t. All it’s features reflected that – Q&A, Inviting people, etc. Maybe it’ll broaden in the future.

A Taiwanese vendor whom sold me those wonderful Caeser WW2 Germans in Winter Gear has alerted me (as he does regularly via e-mail, a wonderful little idea to keep him in my mind), to the fact that Caeser now have for sale product H52, WWII German Panzergrenadiers set 1! Great!

On the drawing board and modelling benchtop, I’ve been crunching the numbers of figures I currently have, in order to begin an assault on purchasing and painting up company B, Panzergrenadiers (1943-1945). I need less figures for them, as their sections were only 8 in strength, not 10. I had been counting all the Revell WW2 German Infantry Ardennes that I’ve acquired (8 boxes worth!) and could do it, but the bases of soldiers will look mightily uniform…not good. The same set poses over and over. Dull. This Caeser release will provide a heap of diversity and depth.

Ah, but to purchase now, or wait until product 53, WWII German Panzergrenadiers set 2, is released???

Parcel opened

September 23, 2007

The parcel, gutted

After collecting the parcel off Aussie Post, I opened it and checked it for accuracy. All was present and correct!

This of course means that cold Spring evenings will be spent labouring over getting them assembled and painted ASAP…there’s also the pressure of Pete (co-author of Panzerfaust: Iron Fist) returing from his Japanese sojourn and being available for a game or two.