I finished my platoon of Revell Panzer IIIs. The lead vehicle (in the centre of the photos) is the Panzer III L kit, the rest are Panzer III M kits, identifiable by their exposed rear exhausts: .

I also finished two Krupp trucks – the ICM kit version, with the very-accurately-detailed but very-prone-to-breaking-even-while-on-the-sprue axles, exhaust pipes and other fine tubes: .They were joined by the first of the  same kit I assembled and painted some time ago.

After taking these photos and preparing to store these vehicles, I realised that these were the most weathered/dustiest vehicles I’ve done to date. Other trucks and tanks, even those meant to be from “Barbarossa”, are not as dusty as these. This means I’ll have to cut back on the weathering/dust application with other vehicles that are for “Barbarossa” (but not these makes & models).

If questions are asked, I’m going to explain it away as saying this platoon and the trucks were travelling together as a group down the dustiest road on the hottest day of that campaign.

Oh, you can also se a base of troops with those trucks. That is the first of two mortar platoon HQs. I haven’t started the second one as they are low priority.

PS. The next game Pete and I will play is going to be a re-run of our last game. We both enjoyed it very much.

…here’s the first one off and ready for combat:    . This is Revell’s Pz Kpfw III Ausf. L kit (#03133) which is currently out of print – a real shame. The four other kits which are still being assembled on my hobby table are original prints of the Pz Kpfw III Ausf. M (#03117), which was re-released late last year or early this year.

I didn’t do an aerial for two reasons: 1) I forgot; 2) The aerial fixture provided is too weak for me to drill, and given the extensive drybrushing I’ve already done, I don’t want to glue on a new kitbashed fixture that could take drilling as it will stand out too much when I try to paint it to match the rest of the model. So all these Pz IIIs will go aerial-less, but the Pz IVs waiting their turn will definitely have them.