3D Printing is a technology that those of us in libraries need to be thinking about at the moment. Phil Bradley has already done so on his blog. (If you want further explanation about the technology itself, then here’s a ‘How Stuff works” entry about 3D Printing).

My employer (an academic library) has already received a user request asking when we will set up a 3D Printer, for the Engineering students.

I began wondering how such a machine could be used for miniatures and for wargaming. Seems I’m not alone – John Lambshead, writer of the blog John’s Toy Soldiers, has done so already.

There’s also been discussions about it on a number of hobby forums – for example:

Copyright and Intellectual Property will play big roles in how hobby people use the technology. For now, the cost seems pretty limiting – but probably in 5 years’ time they will be accessible and reasonably priced.

Anyways, food for thought at the start of the New Year 2013.