I’ve already offered some music for Russian players to knock German tanks out to…fine, heavy music from Russian band Оргия Праведников (reliably translated by a colleague as Orgy of the Righteous).

This started something. Steve from ‘SOUND OFFICERS CALL! A small blog about wargaming’ has offered some music for German players to crush Russians to, on this blog post here…and in the Comments to his post, there are even more suggestions!

The list from there, so far, is:

  • Anton Bruckner Symphony No 9 II Scherzo (Bewegt, lebhaft) – Trio (schnell)
  • Beethoven’s “Yorckishe March”
  • Beethoven’s “Der Alte Dessauer”
  • Tieke’s “Alte Kameraden”
  • Mnozil Brass “Moldavia”
  • The first movement of the Edgar Elgar cello concerto
  • The fourth movement (Farandole) of Georges Bizet’s L`Arlesienne suite #2 [Berlin Radio Symphony’s performance is recommended]

Any more suggestions? You can post them here – or over at Sound Officers Call!