Here are four more useful-for-wargamers-and-modellers films that you can view directly for free on the British Pathe website, including my own notes about content:

ILLUSTRATED COMMUNIQUÉ FROM RUSSIA  Film ID:  1075.12 – It’s 1943. Lots of different Russian artillery in action! Lots of winter warfare footage – Russians in their white snowsuits. Footage was probably vetted by the Russians so nothing too ‘restricted’ could be seen by West.

ON THE DNIEPER  Film ID: 1350.24  – 1944. Lots of shots of Russians under heavy MG and artillery fire as they advance in actions around the Dnieper. Lots of Russian artillery in action. See combat engineers in action. A German tank knocked out comes under heavy small arms fire as its crew try to bail out.

ON THE MOSCOW FRONT  Film ID: 1314.15  – Early model T-34s and also a smaller tank going into action in the snow. Lots of different types of fortifications – barbed wire fences, anti-tank ditches, anti-tank gun emplacements in the city. For Soviet armoured train model enthusiasts…there’s plenty of footage here, close-ups and medium distance shots from multiple angles as well as the train’s guns firing as part of artillery barrages.

RED ARMY SUCCESSES  Film ID: 1085.10 – Like ILLUSTRATED COMMUNIQUÉ FROM RUSSIA above, lots of winter warfare footage. An SU-122 going past. Footage of Kursk after its liberation.