Thanos, over at his Miniatures and Terrain blog, recently did a great post about making your own sandbags and then painting them.

I like it because he is working with some of the same paints that I am (Citadel, by Games Workshop) and he makes everything look so easy and professional.

What are you waiting for? Go have a look!


It is not hard to paint the Italeri  PaK 40 crew as wearing reversible parkas. Even though they haven’t been sculpted to show the full hood like the Caeser miniatures (you can see the hoods on the Caeser figs here and here), you are given enough to work with to model it sufficiently.

There are enough folds on the clothing at the back of the neck that can be enhanced with skillful painting…so just some careful applications of Skull White following the folds does the job and makes it look like the hoods, as you can see here: and in detail here: . Those extra folds become the hoods showing the snow white side on the inside.

Thanos, over at his Miniatures & Terrain blog, is also discussing painting the Italeri PaK 40 guns and in particular, the crew. He’s done his wearing the snow white side out. I think he’s done a pretty good job, too.

Anyway, I’ve based all the guns and crews now, so now it’s undercoating each base now and then it’ll be time for flock and lichen.


There are also some Panthers being worked on…I’m getting the preliminary surfaces fully painted so I can put the crewmen into their various hatches without having to repaint too much.