Hello! It’s been a while. And I have another post to do tomorrow or Friday.

But- this doesn’t mean I’m back. These are some of the intermittent appearances I may make. After all, I haven’t switched off transmissions for good yet…

Peter (co-author of the Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist rules) finished working on the Plastic Soldier Company 1/72nd Russian 45mm anti tank guns that he purchased some time ago. Here are his proud pics: 1DSCF45mmL66 2DSCF45mmL66 3DSCF45mmL66 4DSCF45mmL66 5DSCF45mmL66 . Look great, don’t they? Better than what I do! He commented that: “The guns had very few pieces, but the crew had to be stuck together, but looked awesome once done. There were four guns and crews in the box, and there were options to do the 45mmL46 or the 76mm infantry gun. Awesome value for one kit”.


He and I will be having a game of Panzerfaust:Armoured Fist in a fortnight. First game for me this year!

There are a couple of lowlights to this product, however.

The roadwheels are cast as one piece, whereas in reality they were two separate wheels with a gap inbetween for the track guide teeth:   – now, I’m reliably informed by far more experienced reviewers that making model kits is extremely difficult and all molds used to cast model kit pieces will always have some drawbacks…this is one of the drawbacks here. Given that where the gap will be should end up painted black anyway (to represent the rubber on the rim of the roadwheel) then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The other lowlight is the hull machinegun:   .

I’m going to to follow the advice of others and remove it. I’ve got plenty of ESCI/Italeri surplus machineguns lying around in my spares box… I’ll cut one up and use it instead.

I’ve got some other kits on the go at the moment, but these are definitely going to be moved up the priority list – they will be comparatively quick to do, as it’s mostly just painting!

There are a few highlights to these fast-build kits by PSC.

First, you get not one, but two commander figures for each tank:  – check out the sculpting! Nicely done, will drybrush/highlight/wash up very nicely. Plus a spare commander to use elsewhere.

Second, you get stowage such as jerrycans:  and spare roadwheels:  .

Third, you get pre-made track sag:    .

I don’t have to break out the cut-off matchsticks, cut-off icecream sticks and cut-off chopsticks that I would normally use to try to replicate track sag with!

***I am not endorsing these, just relaying information. No-one gives me ‘cash for comment’!***


It would appear, after asking wargaming colleagues, that there are two stockists for Plastic Soldier Company in Melbourne (Victoria):

Victorian Hobby Centre


Mind Games Melbourne.

One person thinks that Vic Hobby Centre only has 15mm scale products.

Another person suggested a NSW outfit, War and Peace Games. Remember: they are NSW.

That’s all I know….DaveM, up to you what you want to make of it.






A parcel has arrived…

October 12, 2012

A parcel has arrived…bringing with it the usual glee knowing that something ‘hobby’ has arrived:  .

(I’m glad to see the sender has recycled the box. I myself do the same…we receive many parcel boxes at my place of work, in fantastic sizes for re-sending hobby-sized parcels, and so I always make use of them rather than let them go to be pulped).

It’s the Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs:  .

So I have two more boxes to add to the stash  . I should post new stash photos, as it’s grown and spread and sort-of mutated…




It’s been quite a while since I bought any wargaming stuff off eBay. I ended the drought in the wee hours of this morning, by winning two boxes of Easy Assembly 1/72nd Panzer IV Tank (in 20mm / 1/72 scale) made by The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd.

Two boxes gives me six vehicles, but I really only need 5, for a Heavy Platoon of Panzer IV F1’s with the short barrel/L 24 75mm gun, like the vehicle you see in this colour photo here. Then I can have a platoon to support my infantry as they invade Russia.

I’ve only heard good things about The Plastic Soldier Company’s products, and of course I’ll let you all know how I go with them here.

Now, it’ll take some time to come from Europe, but not to worry, I’ve got plenty that I’m working on and finishing off at the moment. Another post very soon!