A bonus for Truck Month – I’ve just finished Dullcoting and protecting my 1/76 or smaller white metal Mercedes Kfz 72!  This vehicle was discussed back on this post from last year. Here’s a photo without my camera’s flash:  . I don’t know how often it’s going to be used…it has a huge carrying and towing capacity but it’s actual size makes it look puny when next to other vehicles that it should actually dwarf…maybe it’ll only be used as a very special vehicle or objective. We’ll see.

Some of the heavy cars I got from eBay are finished too. Here’s a Platoon HQ vehicle, camera flash on:  and now without the flash:  and here are the section vehicles, which I suspect are Steyr 1500’s…   .

The white striping on the windows is my attempt at replicating what my opponent Peter had done when he had a go at painting reflections on the windows of some Rumanian vehicles. Here’s his blog post where you can see what he did. I was trying to represent the white patch/stripe of glare you see when you look at a car’s windows. I think what Peter’s done is probably better than what I did.

Quick whip-round of things still being worked on – engine shed as it was yesterday:  and here are the 251/1s and the Opel Blitz (with completed vehicles for me to copy from):  .

Today the humidity was pretty high…it lessened after 3pm so I decided to Dullcote at 5pm. Humidity seems to be staying constant now so I can do some painting after dinner.

Peter Stone is the co-author of  ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ and my opponent for games of the same. He has his own blog, Toy Soldiers in Miniature: 15mm toy soldiers for DBM, DBA, FOG, FOW, Flames of War, Field of Glory where you can see his excellent 15mm scale modelling work.

‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ is intended for 1/72 & 1/76 scale but can be played in 15mm. In which case, this army of the “battered bastards of Bastogne” could be fielded! They look great, don’t they?