Hello again all, the last swap & sell for the year that I know of here in Melbourne is coming up: Saturday 9 November 9am kickoff, down in Werribee.

Run by Bayonet Military Model Club, and held in the B-24 Liberator hangar. Click here for the notes from the horse’s mouth!

I had a great time at last year’s…click here to read my adventures.

Maybe I’ll see you there! I’ll most likely be wearing my World Of Tanks cap.

The band is Оргия Праведников (reliably translated by a colleague as Orgy of the Righteous) and the song name is  Последний воин Мертвой Земли (reliably translated by a colleague as The Last Warrior of a Dead Earth).

The video shows gameplay from “World of Tanks”, which as you know, I’ve started playing. Here it is:

I like a band that has a sense of humour (especially that can laught at itself and it’s own genres of music), so I’m also going to include another song of theirs, Шитрок (translates literally as Shitrock, or Shit Rock):

Hope you enjoy them like I do!

Online worlds…of tanks

November 22, 2012

The way the Trainee has been lately, it’s been hard to find modelling time. When I do my modelling, I need at least a 30 minute block in order to get anything done. (I know some of you will disagree and say much could be done, but it’s not, given the way I like to do my modelling work).

So, I started playing World Of Tanks, an online, real-time WWII-&-a-few-years-after tank combat simulator. Free and fun. Organise your own team or be randomly allocated to teams for each battle. The way I play (as a newbie, pretty poorly, rarely scoring a kill) a game is only 5-10 minutes long.

The maps are of a number of WWII theatres, including a few from the Eastern Front.

That all being said, I did work on painting some kits last night, so I’m not completely lost to it yet!