Test drive (of assembly) of the Horch 108 by MAC Distribution – report

March 23, 2009

…and then it was suddenly finished. Here is the basic view, of the assembled kit in its undercoat of Chaos Black:


I took that photo on the angle so that you can see the driver’s side rear-view mirrors, which are actually etched brass pieces.

Here is the view from above:


Yes, the detail is extremely good. You can see that on the bonnet, and with the grilles on the back half of the chassis. How all that very fine detail will come out with more paint on it…well, I worry. I think that very fine detail will be lost.

Final photo – with the AA gun set up on the back:


Why did I commence this post with “..and then it was suddenly finished”? All weekend I had been preparing myself for the very fiddly job of trying to glue on the very fine and tiny (and hence, impractical) etched brass pieces to support the AA gun shield, which I knew was going to be time-consuming and I would get glue all over my fingers, onto my clothes and possibly even across doorknobs and fittings of my house. When I had girded my loins and picked up the sprue cutter to cut off the gun shield and make a start, I found (after fifteen solid minutes of checking, re-checking and re-re-checking) that no gun shield is supplied.

If you remember, I’d bought two boxes of this kit. No gun shield on either set of sprues, so it’s not as if I’d lost it.

After all searching confirmed this, I joyously realised that all that hoopla had been neatly removed! All I had to do was apply what remaining etched brass bits there were (the etched brass bits is mostly the last stages of assembly) and I was done. On went the number plates, the towing hooks and the rearview mirrors (yes, even they are etched brass and IN TWO PIECES – you have to assemble them and that’s a pain) and it was finished. Done. A giant boil lanced and all pus extracted.

Painting it will be fairly easy – I’ll just go with Dark Yellow with a mild green cammo scheme. I’m thinking of drybrushing those grilles to preserve the fine detail as much as is possible.

To sum up this kit so far -1) they aren’t kidding on the box when they say for ages 14 & over, and 2) Henk of Holland‘s comment about AMC: ” Warning !!! The AMC plastic kits are poor and the passing of the parts is not correct. It is not easy to see on the instructionsheet on which place you have to glue the parts. Some parts need a lot of reworking. For me are this kits not adviced for a starter, but more for advanced modellers with expierence in scratchbuilding. The kits are too expensieve for the quality“.

MAC’s kits are not poor quality, they are very precise with lots of detail. I did have some issues with parts correctly fitting, hence the need for scalpel and file work to make them fit. The instruction sheet – I’ve talked a lot about this, I’ll show you what’s wrong specifically in another post. MAC kits certainly are for advanced modellers – which I don’t think I am. Tread carefully and slowly, and check everything first before applying any glue.

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