Confusion in assembling the MAC 1:72 Horch 108 Kfz. 70 & 20mm Flak 30 kit (number 72057)

April 19, 2009

As promised – here are the confusing sections of the assembly instructions for MAC Distribution’s kit #72057.

You’re happily glueing away when you get to this: horch-fixed

If you are “in the zone”, you might go ahead and follow that unhesitatingly. After all, the box cover art shows the vehicle with its rear tray sides up.

A few panels later, though, you see this: horch-confusion

Suddenly, you’re being asked to glue those rear tray walls down flat! How, when you’ve already glued the walls in vertically?

Panels 23 & 24 then have you realising…you actually have a choice about whether you want those tray walls vertical – in travelling mode, or horizontal – in action mode. But if you’ve followed panel 12 as it appears, you either have to live with the vehicle being in travel mode, or you’ve got to get your sprue cutters out when you see 23 and do some mighty surgery.

Why couldn’t MAC have avoided the problems raised by panels 12, 23 & 24 by simply following what Revell do when they give you a choice (see panel 9): revell-gets-it-right – show both assembly options at the same time and further alert you to the options by giving you a nice, big “?” to help you realise what’s going on?!

MAC Distribution – if you’re listening – please take this on board.

My advice to all of you – always read the assembly instructions in full before commencing assembly, to help identify and prevent problems like this occurring.

PS – I griped in earlier posts about how MAC only shows assembly from one perspective or angle. Sometimes it’s hard to see where pieces really should be going, if they don’t give you a cut-away view/transparent view or an extra view from another angle. I hope you can see that from the examples above! MAC, a further thing for you to consider implementing.

After all, your rivals can do it…

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