In the thick of thickets

July 12, 2010

Four modular (well, semi-modular, they aren’t as modular as I normally make) thickets are completed. Here they are as a group:

Here’s a close-up to give you some sense of proportions:

Tall enough to definitely block line-of-sight (LOS) for troops on foot, and as far as I’m ruling, enough to block LOS for AFVs too (except perhaps for a commander half-out of the turret of a Königstiger or somesuch).

They are not as modular as normal for me – usually, I would make the top part into at least two or more pieces, so that when footsloggers or AFVs enter it, you don’t need to remove the whole piece of terrain. Because I wanted these to be really thick, I made them as one piece, so the whole piece must be removed if an AFV (such as this Marder III (h)) or infantry try to negotiate passing through it:

These terrain pieces make their debut this friday night.

Why make them like this? So that they last longer. I don’t want my fragile terrain like this getting flattened, damaged and ultimately needing replacement after being crushed under bases of infantry or plastic AFV kits that have had some metal parts added to them. A little extra initial work results in a much longer wargaming terrain lifespan!

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