UM SU-85 (СУ-85) road wheel glueing issues

June 20, 2012

Had some troubles with glueing the roadwheels into place. The instructions don’t want the two halves glued prior to glueing onto the axles, and I wouldn’t have done it anyway – see this photo and look in the section for Step/Phase 2:  .

When then trying to glue them into place, there is nothing to stop the inner roadwheel from ending up on an angle, which is what happens with some of them…see these two photos for examples of what can go wrong:   . See how some are on funny angles?

I was able to prevent some of them from sliding onto a funny angle by using toothpicks wedged into position that corrected or limited most movement/slippage…but when I took the toothpicks away after five minutes, everything looked good, so I walked away and did something else for a while. When I came back, some had reverted back to their funny angles. Curses.

Other tank kits have usually put a little lip or somesuch around the axle at the point where the wheel would be at the right distance along, to make sure wheels sit straight and flush on the axle. Why doesn’t UM do likewise? It would only require another mm or two of plastic and would not affect detail or realism that greatly, and make the kit slightly easier to assemble!

Anyway, as I said, there are some concerns about part fit with UM kits, as I experienced with the Marder III (h) kit. This wheel problem is one of the ones with this kit, it seems.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m a wargamer and doing these in bulk all at once…


5 Responses to “UM SU-85 (СУ-85) road wheel glueing issues”

  1. stuart said

    I’ve had the same problem with Eastern Express T.34 and Attack Models Hetzer kits. Easter Express are the worst, there being no axle at all, just a rounded nub in the center of each road wheel Give me Armourfast and Pegasus every time!

  2. Peter said

    The solution is a tiny ball of bluetack. You put the bluetack on the wheel ‘runner?’ on the hull, beside the axil. Then apply glue to wheel and axil and press the inside wheel onto the bluetack, which holds it in place while drying. (I’ve used this trick on everything from 15mm chariots & shields to model kits.

    • Eastern Funker said

      …your solution…so simple, so elegant! Pity, I threw away all my Blu-tack a few years back when I moved house, as it was getting too old and too dry. Maybe I need to invest in it again if I see any kits that will also have this problem (like the company of SU-76M kits from UM that I have waiting on the shelves)…

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