Completed Horch 108 20mm AA vehicle

April 13, 2009

horch-108-sep-aa-gun Here is the heavy car with the 20mm gun on the ground.

horch-108-with-aa-gun-in-back Here it is as it should be, with gun in back.

So, there it is. The MAC distribution 1:72 Horch 108/Kfz. 70, kit number 72057. You’ll have to go back through all the threads outlining its construction to see the problems I had with it. Yes, it has superfine detail, but it’s unnecessary. In fact, in this finished version, you’ll note that there are no wing mirrors. Both were edged brass and hair-thick…during painting, the left side one broke off. I contemplated glueing it back on but was so fed up with all the previous effort to glue both on that I decided to go the other way. In for a penny, in for a pound…may as well be done for a sheep as for a lamb. I cut the remaining one off, and now I feel happier knowing that each time I want to handle that unit, I don’t have to worry about the mirrors. It’s become more robust and suitable for gameplay by removing that wonderful but excessive detail.

A simple paint job – Citadel’s Desert Yellow with some streaks of Goblin Green as a simple camouflage. A good dust coat, then some splattered dirty water…to suggest that Autumn is not far away.

I must say I was happy with the decals – you get three (3, count ’em) white GrossDeutschland stalhelms (only need two) and nice numberplate decals that benefit from slight trimming so they fit the numberplates on the kit.

It’ll be a while before I tackle my four MAC Distribution Horch 108 Type 40 (#72054) heavy car passenger car kits, though. I have checked that all pieces are intact on sprues in all four boxes, so no excuses for missing pieces!

Oh, and I know I promised to show you the problems I have with the assembly sheet. That’ll be next post.


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