I’m going to do some more Russian stuff

October 9, 2011

On the explanatory page about me and why I’m doing this blog, I state that “This blog will have a finite life – meaning that when I finish all relevant/suitable German forces for the “Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist” set of wargaming rules, I’ll stop maintaining this blog”. (If you don’t believe me, here’s the link you need to click on).

I had recently forgotten what I had said the purpose of my blog was and became a bit worried about how, the readers, would react if I did some work on some Russian stuff. Had I said I would only discuss and display German stuff on my blog? Upon checking a couple of weeks ago, I was relieved to see that this was not the case. I can make Russian stuff…my own rules don’t stop me. During the life of this blog, I have made Russian stuff that is ‘Beute’ (which you read about here) and Russian stuff for my opposing Russian forces to use themselves (which you can see here).

You see, the stash of kits in my hobby room grows ever bigger and I’ve rationalised in my head that, rather than have a half-full shelf that only has Russian stuff on it and fobid any German stuff from getting mixed in with it (which requires other shelves to be had or more space to be had), why not attempt to get rid of the Russian stuff that I’ve got and had for five or more years? Then I’ll have an extra bare shelf for German stuff and, in the future, some new Russian stuff!

So, I’m going to start doing a company (five vehicles) of SU-85/ СУ-85 self-propelled guns. I’ll be using the UM 1:72 kit #333. Don’t be alarmed, good readers…I’ll be doing them whilst working on German stuff, as is the practice of the seasoned, productive modeller – have more than one project going so that whilst one is being glued or drying, you have something else to do.

I’ll be washing, drying and undercoating the sprues soon. At the moment, I’m still very busy with the Dragon Sd. Kfz. 251/1Ds and also some Pegasus German Infantry 1939 anti-tank rifle teams.




6 Responses to “I’m going to do some more Russian stuff”

  1. Paul said

    No need to explain changes in courses and more shelf’s are always in the back of the seasoned modelers mind.

    Those trees you slaved over were Russian weren’t they!

    Interesting to see how those UM kits turn out. Good luck!

  2. Peter said

    As the blog writer you need to reason to change its direction. Anything relating to WW2 or the Pzfst Rules would fit in very well, in my opinion. And I for one would love to see how those SU-85s will turn out.

  3. Peter said

    Oops, sorry, it was supposed to read “As the blog writer you need NO reason to change its direction.”
    SU-85s should be an interesting game vs StuG or Tiger. German attack perhaps?

    • Eastern Funker said

      I figured that was what you meant!

      As for a game idea, I think an encounter game or a breakthrough game. I am warming up to breakthrough games!

  4. Peter said

    Are we playing a game next Friday? Have you worked out your forces, with infantry AT Rifle Grenades this time?

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