Eastern Funker’s lowlights of the PSC Pz IVs…

November 1, 2012

There are a couple of lowlights to this product, however.

The roadwheels are cast as one piece, whereas in reality they were two separate wheels with a gap inbetween for the track guide teeth:   – now, I’m reliably informed by far more experienced reviewers that making model kits is extremely difficult and all molds used to cast model kit pieces will always have some drawbacks…this is one of the drawbacks here. Given that where the gap will be should end up painted black anyway (to represent the rubber on the rim of the roadwheel) then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The other lowlight is the hull machinegun:   .

I’m going to to follow the advice of others and remove it. I’ve got plenty of ESCI/Italeri surplus machineguns lying around in my spares box… I’ll cut one up and use it instead.

I’ve got some other kits on the go at the moment, but these are definitely going to be moved up the priority list – they will be comparatively quick to do, as it’s mostly just painting!

2 Responses to “Eastern Funker’s lowlights of the PSC Pz IVs…”

  1. DaveM said

    “Stubby” MGs seem to a bit of an issue with this line. Fortunately with the tanks it’s very easily remedied. When I get my 251/Ds I plan to assess whether to replace all of the MGs – may be necessary based on a few scans I’ve seen and comments I’ve read.

    I think you are right that black (plus some mud of course!) will pretty much hide those solid wheels.

    Cheers, Dave

  2. Peter said

    Hi, the fact is that they don’t use a mold at all, but a metal die. That’s why the wheels have to be solid, if the die is two pieces, with upper and lower sections. (My dad used to make dies for car engines.)

    As I’ve bought 2 boxes of these myself, I also believe that once I’ve muddied and weathered up the wheels, you won’t even notice.
    Looking forward to seeing how your Pz IVs turn out.

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